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My family lives in Colorado and we enjoy some of the most beautiful places nature has to offer. I want to get out there and experience it all with my kids. I’ve tent camped all over, but as I’ve gotten older, I don’t want to sleep on the ground anymore. It’s just too uncomfortable, too much of a hassle. Put kids into the mix, and forget it.

I considered other options to enjoy the great outdoors. Staying at a motel would keep us from enjoying the night – the stars, the s’mores, the adventure. Renting an RV or pop-up camper is expensive and impractical. I don’t want to drive a big RV or tow something heavy.
I wanted a modern, affordable camper, but my only option was an old, unreliable Volkswagen. I decided to use my nearly 40 years of experience as a furniture designer/builder to turn reliable minivans into versatile campers. It was important to me that there would be no permanent modifications to the van as well as keeping the minivan’s functionality and seating capacity. I hope you like it.
David Garland
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